Party Poker

Poker in Southern Africa

In days gone by, when shady saloons were open to back room gambling, and gunfights and fistfights were the order of the day to sorting out disputes among Poker players, and especially so when there were large amounts of money involved, Poker carried with it a not too good a reputation.

Since then Poker has certainly come a long way, and although "home" games still prevail in back rooms, those who participate do not carry the criminal element, but are generally just out for an evenings entertainment among friends playing mind excercising card games.

Over the past 10+, Poker tournaments that were generally played among the elite has drawn thousands of newcomers to the game, and "The World Series of Poker" (WSOP), the Grandad of all poker tournaments which has in fact been running for over thirty years, has created such interest in the game with the high stakes that are offered, bearing in mind that there has been some great wins in the tournaments by novice players too.

Over and above the World Series of Poker tournament, multi millions are raked in annually in competitions that are run throughout the world. The World Poker Tour was a major success from the first season in 2002 as it was aired on the Travel Channel. This brainstorm of Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson and Steve Lipscomb turned poker into a true spectator sport with its tiny lipstick type cameras that were built into the poker table. These tiny cameras gave the viewers sight of the players hands and how they played their hands and interacted with each other.

Internet Poker or Online Poker as it is commonly known is fairly new to the world of online gaming. Online Poker in particular has its place as well as an appeal to many. With rising costs in fuel and the increase in violence on the streets, Online Poker as well as other online casino games offers you a safe haven from the comfort of your own home..

The other advantage is that Online Poker rooms offer "free" play. In order to take up this type of offer, the only requirement is that you open and register an account. Play money will then be credited into your "Guest Account" where you can try out the Poker games on offer using different strategies as well as master the software.

While this is a great way to introduce yourself to the game if you have not ever played before, the playing experience you will be getting for free will be somewhat skewed as many players using play money do not play poker games in the same manner as those playing for real money.

For all Poker enthusiasts the All Africa Poker Channel which is enterting its third year of broadcast in October 2008, will now be broadcasting from it’s new and exciting interactive platform on the DStv Touch menu.

As phenomenon of poker takes Africa by storm, this 24/7 dedicated poker content channel, which is one of only 7 in the world, will be providing international and local programme content, highlighting footage from cash games and tournaments, lifestyle and magazine programmes, and educational self-help features.

Most significantly, viewers of the All Africa Poker Channel can now watch the content made famous on ESPN, the World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event programmes, including the rise to fame of local poker hero Raymond Rahme, when he won over R21 Million in the 2007 WSOP.

Rivaling international productions in quality and of particular interest to local poker players, the All Africa Poker Tournament series, now in it’s 11th season, have created their own local poker heroes, and hundreds of poker hopefuls have earned their 15 minutes of fame on these action packed and entertaining episodes.