Bodog Poker

Playing Third Street Strategy in Seven Card Stud Poker

In any 7 card stud poker strategy there are some essential things that you must focus on. When the starting hand is dealt and all the door cards are showing it is critical that you first observe the following:

  • Look out carefully for all the door cards around the table
  • .See how many of each suit is out as well as what numbers are out.
  • Remember each player’s moves, especially which player was the first to raise the bring-in bet
  • Find out how far away the players are in position from the bring-in, and whether the player with the bring-in bet calls any raises.
  • Do not be afraid to raise and re-raise and that you can play a solid hand even after re-raising.

These tips in the 7 card stud poker strategy are important because, depending on your cards, knowledge about other cards on the table will decided whether you call, raise or fold. If the cards in your hand combination are live, you will have a higher rate of success. If your cards are not live, then fold.

Third Street Trips

  • Trips can make you either win a stack or lose a stack of two.
  • When you hold trips and the pot is raised it is better to re-raise.
  • In tight games, raise less with trips at third-street and in loose games, raise more