Bodog Poker Room

Poker Betting

When sitting around a poker table betting always starts with one person and then goes proceeds in a clockwise rotation. Should the first person “Check” which means that they have decided not to place a bet at that point, the onus will then fall on the next player.

Each player can choose to “Check” or to “open” which means that a player has decided to place his bet on the table and from there the rest of the table will follow. Placing this money on the table means that the bet is now in the “Pot”. Now the option of Check has expired and each player now has to choose from the following:

Either they can “fold” which means that they drop out of the game by taking their cards and placing them face down on the table, or they have to place a bet equivalent or higher to the previous bet. Equivalent bets are called “Calls” - this means that you have now earned the right to see your opponents cards, however the next player may “Raise” the bet which keeps the game in progress.

At the end of the poker game, it is the person who holds the winning hand gets the “Pot”. This is the whole aim of the game, to either use the cards that you have to ensure that you will eventually be the winner, or should you have a lesser hand, to bluff your way to the end.

However this is not always the case as a “Hand Tie” or “Split Pot” can also occur. This happens when two players get to the stage of having a “Showdown”. This is when the last round of betting has occurred and the last players have to put their cards, face up on the table. Should two players have cards to the same value, then the pot will be split equally between the players, but should the pot hold a sum of money that cannot be equally split then what is left after the slpit will go to the player who placed the highest bet.