Party Poker

Poker Etiquette

Gambling Etiquette we believe is a word that spans across everything and anything when one person or player is interacting with another person or player.

When playing a game of chance (Online Gambling), irrespective of the game there is money involved and this has resulted in many a confrontation when one player has not considered or disrespected the other.

Poker in particular has both “written” and “unwritten” ethics revolving around the poker table. This is mainly due to the fact that the game of Poker is regarded as a “mind game” where one player tries to outsmart or outwit the other player.

  • First and foremost on the list would be to respect your opponent by not using undesirable language in any form or manner.
  • Acting out of turn can give away information that another player may use to its advantage, which is unfair.
  • Being polite to other players and the dealer are essential to being a good poker player.
  • Talking during a hand can give away information that another player may use to their advantage, which is unfair to other players still waiting their turn to bet on the game.
  • Criticism does not go down well at the best of time, so rest assured it will not be appreciated by your opponent, in fact if anything will get their back up against you as well as the other players.
  • Repeatedly slowing play down will surely result in aggravating your opponents.
  • Splashing the pot is an unfair and selfish move and totally unacceptable
  • Revealing or commenting on your discarded cards during the hand is an unacceptable move.
  • Physically hitting or bumping another player on purpose will more than likely have you removed from the table.
  • Asking for help from other players or spectators will give other players the impression that you are trying to cheat and/or are receiving back hand information as to what other players cards in hand are and/or how to play your hand and could result in your being removed from the game.
  • Mis-declaring your hand is unethical and not acceptable.

Put into a nut shell - your behaviour is a reflection of who you are, and irresponsible behaviour could result in your being banned from any or all Online Casinos as well as land based casinos.