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Video Poker

Video poker found its popularity in the 1980’s after Si Redd’s Coin Machines (SIRCOMA) introduced a draw Poker machine in the 1970. Players found this machine far more user friendly and less intimidating than sitting at a poker table and hence more and more casinos started installing them.

Video poker games comes in all the variations as what a normal poker game does. Here you will find Jacks or Better, Single and Multi Hand poker, Spin Poker, Aces and Faces, Joker Poker, Royal Aces and just so many more.

As in any poker game, the same rules apply as in any other poker game:
Royal Flush - 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all in the same suit
Straight Flush - Five consecutive cards in the same suit.
Four of a Kind - Four cards with the same numerical value but different suits.
Full House - Three cards with same numerical value plus two cards with same
numerical value.
Flush - Five cards of the same suite but in numerical order.
Straight - Five consecutive cards but in different suits.
Three of a kind- Three cards with same numerical values
Two Pairs - Two sets of cards depicting the same numerical value

Each Video Poker game comes with its own theme and colour scheme. At the bottom of each screen you will find hold buttons and Bet One, Bet Max, Deal and Cash Out buttons. These are used to either hold the cards that you wish to keep and to place the amount that you wish to bet.

The deal button will offer you a change in cards for the cards that you have wished to discard. Now your winnings will be calculated and displayed on the screen and put into a kitty. It is only when the Cash Out button is pushed, that all your winnings will be taken and added to your account.

Although online Video poker is a game that requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge, it is a game of excitement and the pace is very fast. The upside of this online game is that it is a game that can be learnt relatively quickly.